Monday, 25 July 2011

Queen Victoria Markets - Anzac Day 2012 - Lapland


John Crook 

Vibrant is the word

Bright warm colors, simplistic in design and close to the working end of Melbourne, that is, right next door to the Queen Victoria Markets.

The Jasper Hotel is great four-star accommodation designed for business and leisure travel.  It's big in the conference sense of the word, yet offering residential  day packages.  Well known and respected hotel ceo Tony Barradale, with his creative team, offers a four-star hotel, with quite a difference.    For instance, it has an entirely smoke free environment. There's the renowned Jasper Kitchen for breakfasts, lunches and events.  Two points worth considering when looking for a Melbourne hotel. This one offers complimentary access to a health club, and the big attraction in my book (the Jasper point of difference), is the Jasper art gallery, featuring the works of leading artists. The current display features the works of  Rebecca Pearson.     Out of 10, I'd give the Jasper Hotel '11'.   Reservations to 1800 468 359 or go visit and for general enquiries ring (03) 8327 2777.  

Anzacs 2012

Check out the three-day Anzac Day package which combines the Dawn Service and a selection of  Turkey's touring highlights.  Departure date is  April 24 2012 from Istanbul. There's a whole pack of departures for various tours, so best thing to do is to obtain package information, conditions, departures and prices, - contact  1300 558 987 or go visit    For the 3-day Anzac Day package, take note the price is from  $381 per person twin share. 
Lapland, here I come. Baby, it's cold outside !

There's a unique adventure awaiting, with inclusion of a Lapland ice safari on offer.  It's a four-day adventure expedition on the Sampo icebreaker.  Reindeer sleigh rides, a visit to a husky farm, and a snow castle made of snow and ice, are just some of the inclusions.  Also includes option to swim the Arctic!    The Laplander Ice Safari itinerary also features three nights in a 3.5 star hotel.  Get the full story, a copy of the itinerary and also the conditions and terms by calling 1800 221 712. There are other packages available. 

* Please note conditions may apply to these packages  and prices are subject to change and availability.  This information is provided as a guide only.  Check with your travel agency.   Block out periods may apply.   

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