Monday, 16 April 2012

Sydney Seafood School - Burrendong Houseboats - Pushkar Festival

John Crook


I refer to the gift vouchers currently  available to lovers of food (and wine too) in search of something rather special for special people !  Roberta Muir is the general manager of the Sydney Seafood School cooking classes. These have been operating for many years, and by sharing the experience of creating something extra, extra special, a visit to the school could have you sharing the kitchen with some of our best known cooks (er chefs). Give Roberta a call on 02 9004 1111, or email    Check on availabilities, costs and the list of future guest chefs.  You could be right amongst them.


If a dill like me can steer a houseboat (heaps of tonnage) then it should not be too difficult for you to test your skills handling Burrendong House boats.  These are just perfect for fishing trips, family get-together, cruising, the rivers and waterways of central New South Wales.  Actually houseboats are  scattered throughout the state.   Google 'houseboats new south wales'


The annual five-day Pushkar festival is already signing up participants.

The event is in November 2012, yet there's plenty of movement with 20,000 camels cattle and horses hitting town early in November 2012.  All they need is to invite he hundred of thousands of 'extras' to add to the colour and the excitement  with tribal games, camel dancing,- everything from dancing to turban tying.  Interested ? Well, my good friends, bite the bullet and call on the Holiday Specialists  1300 783 852 or you may care to go visit

Visit three region in SA
Here' s a chance to go visit three regions at once.  Broken Gum Country Retreat is a 150 acre property which borders the   Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and the Murray River.   Thus country retreat is fully self-contained with three bedrooms and an open upstairs area with expansive views.  The beautiful limestone  and recycled timber loft homestead has all the charm of a country getaway.  Google (Broken Gum Country Retreat)

* Please note conditions may apply to these packages  and prices are subject to change and availability.  This information is provided as a guide only.  Check with your travel agency.   Block-out periods may apply.   

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